QuickBooks Services

Are there any pitfalls by using QuickBooks? The short answer is “yes.” If you don’t have any training in accounting and your books are a mess, you can already see why QuickBooks may be significantly more challenging to learn than previously anticipated.  The box says “Do It Yourself” – this is a bit of a fallacy.  Fortunately, Virtual Accounting & Tax is here to help.

QuickBooks On-Line / On-Site Support:

We offer remote QuickBooks support via web access to anywhere in the country.  We can also visit you on-site to troubleshoot your QuickBooks file.  Either way, let your QuickBooks problems be solved quickly and efficiently by a trained professional. By appointment only. Minimum fees apply. Email us at info@virtualaccountingandtax.com for more information.

Did you know?  Our monthly QuickBooks clients don’t even have to sign-up for QuickBooks Online.  That’s a monthly cost savings that affects your bottom line!

QuickBooks Training:

Virtual Accounting & Tax offers comprehensive and personalized QuickBooks training so that you can get the most from your QuickBooks file, whether on line or if it’s installed on your desktop computer. Our training includes detailed explanations as to how the rules of accounting apply to what you are trying to do with your QuickBooks file. Don’t let the box fool you: every QuickBooks user needs an understanding of accounting to get the most from QuickBooks. Without the appropriate training, you most likely will have to hire a professional to fix the errors on your file.

QuickBooks Assessment:

For $85, we will review your QuickBooks file to determine if improvements can be made to your books so that the bookkeeping aspect of your business can be less challenging and time consuming. We thoroughly enjoy imparting invaluable guidance to clients who are serious about the upkeep of their QuickBooks file.